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Credit Services

We have the expertise in a wide range of lending products, including personal loans, group loans,
working capital financing, trade financing, micro credit etc.

We also issue tailor-made guarantees and commitments on behalf of our clients, to facilitate
specific business transactions.



i-Guarantor provides assurance and peace of mind at every stage of contracts: bid, performance, advance/mobilisation, retention and customs bonds.

This is an undertaking to answer for the payment or performance of another person’s debt or obligation in event of default by the person primarily responsible for it.


Capital Mobilization
/ Project Financing

We develop offering documents, conduct negotiations, and raise financing for significant projects, through single placements and syndication.



Companies that need new equipment to replace an old one or to expand capacity can use our leasing package. The client specifies the equipment and supplier, while CDH Savings & Loans Company acquires the chosen equipment, and leases it out to the client



i-Appliance is a life-enhancing loan that gives consumers the opportunity to purchase consumer assets from specified vendors and pay over a maximum period of 24 months.

i-Appliance Loan is a consumer loan designed to enable customers acquire home appliances from specified vendors.

Loans are available to customers earning a minimum net salary of Ghc400 month.



Group is the perfect savings account for organized groups, unions and associations.

This product is targeted at churches, social groups, societies, and market clubs / associations and unions to encourage savings and earn attractive interest.

i-Group also allows a member of the group or the group as a whole to access a loan facility by using the Group’s savings account as a collateral



i-Sprinter is the ultimate investment plus loan account. It is an investment account enhanced with immense loan and insurance benefits. It gives the customer the desired benefits derived from both investments and loans, providing ultimately, the best of both worlds.

i-Sprinter is targeted at investors who have an existing investment with us. It allows the investor to achieve his/her goal, using either of the two options (borrowing or investing).

i-Sprinter offers high returns on invested funds, whilst providing flexibility for withdrawals. It has other built-in features, designed to enhance safety and security for all investors.

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CDH House,
36 Independence Avenue,
North Ridge - Accra, Ghana.

P.O. Box 14911,
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Head Office: +233 30 267 1050
Madina: +233 30 250 5970
Takoradi: +233 31 200 1336