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Account Services

We have various value-laden accounts, designed to appeal to various customers, be they individuals, groups or institutions.

Our accounts include generic offerings, as well as special purpose accounts.

Account Types



i-Advantage is our platinum current account. It offers account holders personalised banking services.

i-Advantage is targeted at medium to high net-worth customers.

It is designed to give our cherished clients the comfort and speed banking service they deserve. Get spoilt for choice with your own dedicated relationship manager, extended banking hours, personal credit line and so much more.



i-Current is our standard current account. It is specially designed for individuals, institutional and corporate clients.

This product is targeted at salaried and non-salaried workers. i-Current offers cheque books, provides corporate loans and overdrafts, and a range of personal loans.



i-Savings is a deposit account that provides attractive interest rates. It is available to all customers, and offers loans features delivered in a way that makes financial sense to both formal and informal business persons.

i-Savings is targeted at salaried and non-salaried workers, retailers, traders, SMEs, sole proprietors, corporate organizations and other business people. Customers enjoy friendly services and credit facilities.



i-Plus is a special savings account that adds exceptional value, without any charges. It is aimed at individuals and business entities with the desire to operate deposit account that earns attractive interest on accumulated funds. i-Plus is a great way to prepare for future financial commitments.

i-Plus is a value-added short-to-medium term savings account that helps one save towards their dream project. Interest is computed daily but applied monthly. This product is targeted at medium to high saving workers or traders.



i-Scholar is a savings account that helps you save towards your educational goals. With this product, one can save towards educational ambitions; be it ACCA, other professional degree courses, Masters and Bachelor’s degree programmes, etc.

This savings product is solely for the purpose of education. i-Scholar is targeted at students and workers who are saving towards professional or academic degrees. It also gives access to educational loan facilities.



i-Student is an account designed specifically for students, to help them cultivate the habit of saving.

i-Student is targeted at students of tertiary and professional training institutions who benefit from allowances, bursaries, stipends and other grants.

This product is designed to empower students by providing them with access to a comprehensive range of banking products and services, while setting them on the path to a sound and secure financial future.



i-Kiddie is a savings account created to help parents save towards their children’s future. It is a savings account designed for your children and wards under 18 years.

i-Kiddie offers parents value-added services, provides a solid financial roadmap towards securing your child’s future, and offers interest income above the standard savings account rate.



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